With WooCommerce, you can choose between selecting the stock status of each item, or you can choose to manage the stock levels, and receive automatic notifications when you are running low on each product. This guide will walk you through each option for different product types.


Simple Product Stock Level

  • In the WordPress menu bar, click on “Products” (Figure 1).
  • Navigate to the product you want to change the stock  quantity of and click “Edit” (Figure 2).
  •  Scroll down the page until you find the section titled “Product Data”. If the product is a Simple Product, (see Figure 3) then head to “Inventory”.
  • From here, you can change a product to “In Stock”, “Out of Stock” or “On Back Order” using the drop down menu (Figure 4).
  • If you check the “Manage Stock” option (Figure 5), you can select the quantity of each product that you currently have in stock, and this will show in your shop and product pages. You will receive an email notifying you when a product is low in stock.
  • Once you have made the changes you need, click “Update” at the top of the page.
Figure 1
product to select
Figure 2
Simple product type
Figure 3
Figure 4
manage stock
Figure 5

Variable Product Stock Level

  • If the type of product is a “Variable Product” (Figure 6), then  you have the option to change the stock of the entire product (ie all colours/ sizes are out of stock), or to manage the stock level of each option. To change the stock level of the entire product, click on inventory and you will be given the same options as for a single product.
  • To change the stock level of an individual variation, so for example, just one colour is out of stock, click on variations (Figure 7).
  • Select the variation that you wish to change the stock level of, so for our example we will select “White”. All options for this variation will drop down (Figure 8).
  • You can select a variation as in/out of stock with the drop down, or manage the stock by selecting the “Manage Stock” check box. From here, we are given the option of entering how many of this product variation we have in stock. Click “Save Changes” and then scroll up and click “Update”.
  • When we now look at the web page, we can see that on selecting the “White” option, we are told that there are 10 currently available.
  • Repeat for each of your products that you wish to manage the stock for.
Figure 6
white option
Figure 7
Manage stock variations
Figure 8
webpage candle
Figure 9