5 Reasons You Should Love Your Website

It’s well accepted that a website is integral to your small business – your biggest asset and best employee. No matter what the purpose of your website, you should be sure that the outcome is something that you love. Here’s five reasons why.

1. If you love your website, you will encourage people to visit

In order to make your website useful and work hard for your business, you need people to visit. This doesn’t (usually!) happen by chance. If you love your website, you will want people to visit and you will work hard to get traffic. Directing people to your website by encouraging your social media followers, offering discounts for website users, advertising on your other business assets are all ways to motivate people to visit. Show your website off!

2. If you love your website, you will keep it updated and upload fresh content

If you run a physical property as part of your business, you will make sure the paint isn’t peeling, that the leaflets you give your customers are relevant and that you’re refreshing products and services to better serve your customers. Your website is no different. If you love your website, you’re much more likely to log in and make changes, such as advertising new products or updating photos to be fresher and more relevant.

3. If you love your website, it will reflect your passion

As a small business owner, the chances are that you love what you do, and you feel passionate about your craft, service or product. It’s also likely that you’re proud of the result of your service, and you take pride in making your customers happy.

Your brand is intrinsically linked to who you are. The design choices that you made when you picked your logo, chose a colour scheme and created your business cards, and those decisions you make when you chose the tone that you take with your customers all portray a message about your business. In short, the lifeblood of any small business is the person sat behind it.

If you love your website and put effort into making sure that the result is something that you’re proud of, that will shine through and will help your customers to get a feel confidence in your brand.

4. If you love your website, you will talk about it...

… And the more you talk about it, the more you will generate traffic!

5. You've made an investment, so you deserve to love it!

Whether you paid a professional developer to create your website, or you build it yourself, creating an effective website requires you to invest both your time and money. That means that you want the outcome to be something that you’re proud of, speak to your customers and have the right functionality for your business.

Start growing your business today