Once you’ve determined the overall purpose of your website, you should give some thought to how you are going to use it to attract potential customers. How are you going to get people to visit your website? How you expect to gain traffice can influence the design of your website and help you understand the potential return on your investment, so it’s important to consider this right at the start. 

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about different ways to generate traffic. The list below isn’t exhaustive and should complement your other marketing strategies.

Ways to drive traffic to your website

Direct Traffic

If your website has a function that is integral to your sales process, for example, you only take bookings for a hair salon through your website, then you will receive direct traffic. In short, those who type your domain into the address bar. With direct traffic, you have the opportunity to upsell them at checkout, offer referrals programmes and much more, but you’re unlikely to see massive growth in direct traffic.

If you’re setting up a website for a business that you already run, then try and get used to pointing your customers to your website to find information, take orders of bookings, or view your products and services. The more that you depend on your website, the more you will keep it up to date with relevant information and services, and in turn the more valuable it will become to your business.

Organic Traffic/SEO

Website traffic that comes directly from Google or other seach engines is called organic traffic, and the process of improving the quantity and quality of this traffic is called Search Engine Optimization. Every website should have the basics of SEO applied, and a well-designed and developed website will already have these in place.

If you want to start ranking for specific key words, then you’ll need to develop a SEO strategy that will help you to drive targeted organic traffic. Identifying keywords, and writing articles that are relevant to the products and service that you sell, and helpful to your potential customers is really important here. Blogs are your best friend when it comes to SEO, and can really help you to extend your reach.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Another way to drive traffic to your website is via a Pay per click campaign. PPC is a way of increasing traffic to your website by paying a fee for each click on your website. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC – advertisers “bid” on keywords that they want to rank for and in return for the highest bids*, the search engine places the ad in the sponsored section of the results.

PPC campaigns can be highly effective at driving traffic, but given that a ‘click’ doesn’t guarantee a conversion, they can become and expense very quickly if you don’t have a plan in place, so be sure to do your research first! Neil Patel has a great article to get you started here.

ppc example

Social Media

You may already have a strong social media presence, or you may just be starting out, but there’s no doubt that Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms have changed the way we do business online. From gaining a strong social following, to creating an advertising campaign, the value of social media can not be under-estimated when considering marketing your business online.

There are certain models that work best for certain businesses, but cultivating a following on any platform adds value to your business, improves your interaction with customers and can ultimately be used to drive traffic to your website.

So where do I start?

Start by asking yourself which might be the easiest route to start with; if you already have a strong social presence then begin here, or look to partner with another business that could be mutually beneficial for you both.

The other question you need to be asking yourself is what your typical customer looks like, and which route they are likely to take before they land on your website. You want to be thining about how to use your customers to further promote your business, either through sharing you on their website (if you’re business to business) or by sharing you on their social media pages.

If you need any help getting started, then drop me a message to have a chat about your marketing plan and how to drive traffic to your website.